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SFEDI Awards is pleased to work with emqc Ltd. to support their work with the matrix Standard by providing qualifications to compliment their programme of study relating to their Internal Champions programme.

emqc Ltd. have been appointed by the Department for Business Innovation and Skills as the organisation responsible for the management, administration and delivery of the Standard.

The matrix Standard

The matrix Standard is a unique, national quality framework that is applicable to any organisation delivering information, advice and guidance in the context of career, learning, work and life goals. For in-depth information on the matrix Standard please visit the matrix Standard website.

The Qualifications

The qualifications have been developed to ensure that those who progress through the emqc Ltd. programme of study have a formally recognised qualification to demonstrate that they have met the standard required to complete their role.

These qualifications are available through emqc Ltd. and to speak to them about eligibility criteria and how to complete the qualifications please contact them on 0845 304 8600 or via