IoSCM Com New 2013

SFEDI Awards is pleased to work with IoSCM to support their work world wide to promote the aims of preparing people for working within the supply chain industry. These qualifications are available from introductory to advanced level and cater for all learners, from those who are new to the industry and want to gain a basic overview of supply chain fields, to those who hold extensive experience at senior management level.

The role that each organisation plays within this partnership are listed below:

IoSCM will be responsible for:

  • Offering SFEDI Awards qualifications through their network of approved centres
  • Undertaking centre approvals on behalf of SFEDI Awards
  • Providing ongoing quality assurance of approved centres using suitably qualified SFEDI Awards/IoSCM External Quality Assurers
  • Managing the delivery of programmes and providing ongoing centre support

SFEDI Awards will:

  • Submit jointly developed qualifications for approval by Ofqual – please note all qualifications are wholly owned by the submitting body, SFEDI Awards
  • Issue qualification certificates which will be jointly badged by SFEDI Awards and IoSCM
  • Provide ongoing support to IoSCM for the development and support of the centre network worldwide

For more information about IoSCM or to find out about working with them then please visit their website at