SFEDI Awards is the Awarding Organisation for Enterprise and Enterprise Support. Through a network of centres we provide quality assured accreditation against qualifications on the Qualifications and Credit Framework and Scottish Credit Qualification Framework in Enterprise and Enterprise Support.

We will provide the best customer service through:

  • Developing and defining appropriate suites of qualifications that meet the demands of the market place
  • Ensuring our systems and processes enable our customers to meet regulatory requirements in the most effective and efficient manner
  • Ensuring secure and ease of access to our systems and processes either in person or via our on-line facilities
  • Maintaining good communications with our customers at all times including monthly bulletins
  • Being pro-active in seeking feedback and acting upon this information to develop our services and offering
  • Developing user friendly materials to support the delivery of our qualifications

In order to ensure a timely service we will:

Respond to emails Within 2 working days
Provide feedback on centre applications Within 1 working week
Provide feedback on centre approval visits At centre approval visit
Provide notification on outcome of centre approval process Within 1 working week of approval visit
Appeals Acknowledged within 2 working days (time frames for completion of the appeals process will be dependent on the complexity of the appeal)
Issue certificates Within 2 working weeks of application for certification (this may be delayed if a centre does not hold Direct Claims Status as an onsite visit will be required. N.B. invoices for registrations must have been paid prior to the issuing of certificates)
Re-issue certificate on receipt of both the replacement certificate application form and payment for the replacement certificate 2 working weeks
Complaints Acknowledged within 2 working days (time frames for completion of the complaints process will be dependent on the complexity of the complaint)

In order to ensure we are continually improving our services we are keen to understand the needs of our customers. We achieve this by:

  • Requesting feedback at all EQA visits
  • Having an open feedback route (anonymous if needed) via our website
  • Elicit informal feedback from our customers via phone, email or other correspondence
  • Elicit learner feedback
  • Using our complaints and appeals procedure to understand and resolve any complaints or appeals we receive
  • Capture best practice highlighted to us via feedback or direct comment
  • Hold periodic reviews of systems to ensure they are optimised and capitalise on ideas/suggestions for improvements