SFEDI Awards operates an invoicing policy for the payment of centre approval, registration and any miscellaneous fees.

All of our fees and prices are documented in the SFEDI Awards Product and Prices document on the SFEDI Awards website and also on request to our Customer Service Team.

All invoices are downloadable from the SFEDI Awards Registr8 system; hard copies of invoices are available on request to finance@sfedi.co.uk. If you require an internal Purchase Order number, please ensure you have the necessary systems in place so as not to delay payment of outstanding invoices.

On the approval of an organisation as a member of the SFEDI Awards centre network, payment must be received within 4 working weeks. If payment has not been received, this may result in SFEDI Awards withdrawing approval and the organisation being required to re-apply to become a centre.

Registration fees are invoiced on a monthly basis covering the activity completed within the previous calendar month as submitted using the Registr8 system.

Miscellaneous fees are invoiced prior to activity being completed and monies are to be paid before the activity commences.

SFEDI Awards operates under 30 day payment terms. If payment is not received within the 30 day payment period the following actions are taken:

Payment within 30 day period No action taken
Payment not received within 30 day period Reminder letter sent
Payment not received within 45 day period Reminder letter sent and suspension of ability to register further learners
Payment not received within 60 day period Suspension of centre approval status. Any further activity will require the organisation to reapply as a SFEDI Awards centre and will incur centre approval costs