Passionate about what we do, we are the government-recognised Sector Skills Organisation for business enterprise and business support. Established in 1996, we have earned recognition as the experts in skills and know-how development for small, medium and micro businesses. The group includes SFEDI®, SFEDI Awards, SFEDI Solutions and the Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs (IOEE).

Since 1996 SFEDI® has engaged with key enterprise stakeholders, supporters, employers and the self-employed to improve their involvement in developing skills. We have consistently consulted with a broad range of organisations within the sector to make best use of their advice and contributions in researching and developing sectoral skills solutions and policy recommendations. The SFEDI® Advisory Council also ensures access to all of the major national business membership and representative bodies across the UK, thereby maintaining the position of SFEDI® as a key national influencer in the field of enterprise.

SFEDI® is institutionally involved with the Government’s skills agenda through its position as the Standards Setting Organisation for business enterprise and business support. We are also recognised as a submitting body for units and Rules of Combination for the QCF and have created a wide range of QCF units to support the flexible accreditation of pre-enterprise, start-up, business enterprise and business support learning. Indeed, we were advocates of framework based systems of accreditation long before the creation of the QCF as a result of our research in this area.

A critical issue when working in the enterprise sector is having an appreciation of the employer perspective on skills and credibility in terms of facilitating employer leadership of initiatives and learning. SFEDI® is fully able to meet those requirements. In addition we have a unique track record in researching and articulating the specific needs of smaller businesses, typically the most hard to reach group of employers.

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