The IOEE is the first learning institute dedicated to developing and recognising the skills of enterprise owners in order to raise the profile of their contribution to the UK economy and beyond. It is supported by many small business membership and business support organisations in the UK. Core services include:

  • A membership offer which includes continuous professional development opportunities for enterprise owners and enterprise support professionals
  • A learning community which encourages business to business support and guidance including the opportunity for business owners to be mentored and receive mentoring in a virtual learning environment
  • Access to resources which support individuals wishing to start and grow their own business
  • Access to resources which support business support professionals including mentors

Organisational benefits include:

  • Being seen as a leading edge, global organisation
  • Promotion and recognition by IOEE and its partners
  • Providing an added benefit in the recruitment of high quality learners
  • Being able to demonstrate and publicise your association with a nationally-recognised institute
  • Being able to benchmark your offer against international standards
  • Being able to demonstrate to your customers that you are part of a quality assured system
  • Being able to review and continuously improve how you do things
  • Credibility of linking to external standards
  • Having access to best practice research and standards covering enterprise and enterprise support
  • Helping all stakeholders to recognise your commitment to developing an enterprise and entrepreneurial culture
  • Providing the opportunity to publish research papers/reports within the IOEE
  • Providing your staff, students and learners with access to IOEE membership
  • Providing access to international awards and qualifications
  • Providing assistance in developing enterprise and entrepreneurial led curriculum and learning programmes

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