We are a collection of people passionate about enterprise and we have all been involved with entrepreneurship and the development of enterprise skills.

Key members of the team have direct understanding of the employers’ perspective and the importance of learning and development from starting and running their own businesses. For example, SFEDI® has developed as a group over the last 3 years, creating commercial entities to develop and manage its network of Centres of Excellence, creating an Awarding Organisation focussed specifically on enterprise and establishing the Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs, the UK’s first and only Institute dedicated solely to enterprise learning. We therefore have practical experience of business improvement and development and the skills and knowledge that are needed to successfully realise these objectives.

Members of the project team have undertaken a wide range of projects related to skills development, particularly in smaller businesses, reviewing systems of learning and skills support and developing business models and skills frameworks on behalf of public, private and not-for-profit organisations.

This combination of experiences has provided the project team with an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the people development needs of businesses and the requirements of learning and skills initiatives that seek to achieve public policy objectives.

As an ‘agile’ organisation we are able to develop and deliver bespoke solutions to your enterprise needs within short timescales to suit your exact project requirements.