The Internal Quality Assurer is a vital role in the maintenance and development of the quality and consistency of qualification delivery and should be an integral part of the process throughout the experience of a learner from recruitment through to planning for progression.

It is important that those carrying out the role of the Internal Quality Assurer are knowledgeable and experienced in quality assurance and are independent of other drivers within the centre to ensure that they are able to carry out their role in a way where there is no potential for a conflict of interest.

SFEDI Awards requires Internal Quality Assurers to be able to demonstrate that they:

  • Understand the context and principles of internal quality assurance
  • Understand how to plan the internal quality assurance of assessment
  • Understand and make use of techniques for monitoring the quality of assessment
  • Understand how to maintain and improve the quality of assessment
  • Understand how to manage information relevant to the internal quality assurance of assessment
  • Understand the legal and good practice requirements for the internal quality assurance of assesssment

As well as this, Internal Quality Assurers must demonstrate knowledge and/or experience of the subject matter for the qualification that they are intending to quality assure.

Centres must ensure that staff members who undertake the role of Internal Quality Assurer are competent to perform their role and therefore must provide appropriate training and development opportunities to ensure that Internal Quality Assurers can complete their role appropriately.

  • Regularly sample evidence of assessment decisions made by all Assessors across all aspects of the assessment process. Sampling must include direct observation of assessment practice
  • Maintain up-to-date records of internal quality assurance and sampling activity and ensure that these are available for external quality assurance by SFEDI Awards
  • Establish procedures to ensure that all Assessors interpret the requirements of qualifications in the same way
  • Monitor and support the work of Assessors
  • Provide feedback to the External Quality Assurer on the effectiveness of the assessment process
  • Ensure that any corrective action required by SFEDI Awards is carried out within agreed timescales

SFEDI Awards provides documentation that can be used by an Internal Quality Assurer within an approved centre but we do not mandate that you make use of our documents. If your centre chooses to make use of your own documentation then this must be standardised across provisions in relation to the delivery of SFEDI Awards qualifications and be approved prior to commencement by a member of the SFEDI Awards team.


IQA1 Internal Quality Assurance Procedure Template (373)
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IQA3 Malpractice Procedure Template (178)
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