We recognise that private training providers are keen to enable enterprise within their learners and that many of their learners (14.5% nationally) will go into self employment, with many more than this seeking to learn about self employment and enterprise. Recognising that you understand your learners, we can add value to your provision with high quality enterprise learning materials and enterprise development support which will enable you to exceed their expectations. As a SFEDI Awards centre you will be able to provide cutting edge enterprise learning that learners will value.

  • We are the UK experts in Enterprise and Enterprise Support, adding our brand will add value to your offer
  • Our range of qualifications are designed to be flexible to meet the wide range of demand within enterprise learning
  • Our assessment approaches are based around learners generating evidence and creating a portfolio allowing for a flexible approach to learning
  • We have an ever developing and growing selection of supporting materials for our qualifications
  • We issue certificates within 2 working weeks of a claim being made with most arriving with the centre within 1 working week
  • We seek to attract public funding for our qualifications to support access for learners
  • You won’t get an automated message system when you contact us, our centres are allocated a dedicated UK based Account Manager and Registration and Certification Support Officer to support your centre needs
  • All enterprise learners are provided with 1 years free studying membership of the Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs
  • All staff members within an organisation directly connected to the delivery of our qualifications are provided with free membership of the Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs
  • Access to Start Up Loan opportunities through our partnership with the national Get Started programme run by the Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs


This membership enables learners and staff to take advantage of the following benefits:

  • Regular information on what’s happening through the IOEE Enterprise and Mentoring Monthly including case studies of people just like you who are becoming more enterprising
  • Opportunities to meet other business owners in our online communities who are happy to share how they have been there, done it, got the t-shirt and continue to wear it!
  • Enterprise resources including videos and articles to enhance your understanding of enterprise and enterprise support
  • The chance to meet other members through our Meet a Mentor and networking events
  • A chance to compare notes with other entrepreneurs and business support professionals through the online groups and forums
  • A chance to promote yourself and your business to other IOEE members through the IOEE profile page


The Start-Up Loans initiative is a brand new, government-backed loan fund for those who want to start up their own business.

When you apply for a Start-Up Loan your customer won’t just get financial help – they’ll also get support and advice as they embark on their enterprise journey, helping them turn their great idea into a successful and sustainable business. The Start-Up Loans scheme was introduced by the government in October 2012 to help entrepreneurs get their business ideas off the ground.

The Start-Up Loans Programme aims to provide mentoring and financial support to entrepreneurs that would not normally be available via traditional banking relationships.

It sets out to:

  • Foster a culture of entrepreneurship in England
  • Support applicants to create and develop their business
  • Give a boost to UK economic growth through supporting the development of new businesses
  • Build-in success for new ventures through the provision of expert advice and support

The mechanisms for delivering these goals rest in pre-application support to entrepreneurs, affordable loans on clear terms, on-going mentoring and support, and access to useful product and service offers that would not normally be available to new businesses.

Government’s ambition for the programme extends to 31st March 2015, and potentially beyond that. The basic premise is that, if there is appetite for this type of product, provision should be expanded to meet it. Meeting that ambition is dependent on proving its value and the IOEE will be working with you to make sure that this is a worthwhile offer and identifying ways of making it better.

With that sense of scale in mind, there is no limit to the opportunities for you, as a Get Started Partner.

If you are interested in finding our more about how your organisation could play a part within the Get Started programme please click here or contact Sarah Trouten on 0845 224 5928.

Becoming an approved organisation within the SFEDI Awards centre network is as simple as taking only 5 steps!

Step 1
Download the Centre Approval Application form from the SFEDI Awards website and submit to customerservices@sfediawards.com. You will be assigned to a member of the Business Development Team who will support you through the application process

Step 2
Once your application is ready it will be passed to a member of the Approval Team who will carry out a full desktop evaluation. A SFEDI Awards External Quality Assurer will be assigned to your application and will work with you through the approval process

Step 3
SFEDI Awards will provide feedback highlighting areas for further clarification and discussion and will follow up with an onsite visit

Step 4
Feedback will be provided from the onsite visit either awarding full approval to your organisation or providing an action plan for requirements to be met prior to approval being awarded

Step 5
When full approval has been received, you will have access to a host of resources, which includes learning material and support when registering your learners

Below you will find further information relating to both our products and prices and how to join the SFEDI Awards centre network.

All you need to do is submit the Centre Application Form, which you can find below, to customerservices@sfediawards.com and we will be in touch with you shortly to talk through and plan the next steps.

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